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Personal attention :
The college takes interest on the progress of every student by communicating their performance in the sessional examinations and attendance position to the parents for interaction.

Attendance :
Candidate who has put in a minimum of 80% attendance in the theory and practical classes separately shall only be permitted to appear for final examination.

Co-curricular activities :
The college organizes visits to several pharmaceutical industries, conferences, and workshops as a supplement to the students academic training. The college invites experts in the different fields of pharmacy to present lectures and to interact with students.

Sports and other activities :
A spacious sports room with the facilities to play indoor games is made available for the students. Campus has got play ground for outdoor games also. A staff in charge for sports encourages the students to participate in various competitions in and out of the college. The college also celebrates sports day, cultural fest, Independence day, republic day, and college day. During these days students are given opportunity to exhibit their talents.

Awards: Bapuji Educational Association commemorates the students securing ranks.
To view our college toppers please download the PPT to view to it. Download PPT

AICTE Scholarships:
In pursuance of the policy frame work for promotion of post graduate education in pharmacy, AICTE provides financial assistance to the GPAT qualified students enrolled for M. Pharm course. The college assists GPAT qualified students to get such scholarship. The below mentioned students of our college received AICTE scholarship.

Mr. Patel Hardik Pravinbhai
Ms. Patel Meghana Kanubhai
Ms. Nidhi Malviya
Mr. Kiran K. Jadhav
Mr. Vinaya Kumar A.
Mr. Girisha C. H.
Mr. Sumanth C. K.
Mr. Satish M.
Mr. Brajesh Kumar Choudhary
Mr. Om Prakash Kumar Thakur Mr. D. Amir Sohail Ahmed
Year Course Name Rank
2005 M.Pharm Meghana Patel 2nd Rank
2005 M.Pharm Hardik Patel 3rd Rank
2013 B.Pharm Brajesh Kumar Choudhary 2nd Rank
2013 B.Pharm Sindhu B.V. 3rd Rank
2013 B.Pharm Borna Dhar 7th Rank
2014 Pharm. D. Achsah Rose Varghese 8th Rank
2015 M.Pharm Kreepa M. 3rd Rank
2016 M.Pharm Priyanka S. M. 2nd Rank
2016 Pharm. D. Merin Sara Philip 7th Rank
2018 M.Pharm Aishwarya H. 1st Rank

What students say about their college?

I feel proud for being a student of this college as it is committed to its vision and mission and working for the alround development of every student.

Mr. Khan Abid Abdul H. Maharashtra D. Pharmacy Topper

I must be thankful to my college for bringing me upto this level. The way the college provides education, arranges for campus interviews, and assists in getting permission from industries for training are highly appreciated.

Mr. Vinaykumar A. Karnataka B. Pharmacy Topper

Spacious and equipped laboratories, nourished library, computer and internet facilities, friendly environment, comfortable climatic conditions, above all teachers coaching made me to acquire maximum knowledge and skills to reach this position.

Mr. Hardik Patel Gujarat M. Pharmacy Topper

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