Spacious and Exclusive Building : The college has an independent magnanimous building with modern infrastructure. The rectangular shaped building is located in the beautiful campus with pleasant greeny landscapes around.


Well Equipped Laboratories : All the laboratories are amazing and constructed beyond the norms of AICTE. The laboratories of all the departments have modern facilities for practical training.


Pilot Plant : Tablets, Capsules, Liquid orals, and Semi solids pilot plants are established in the college. The students are made to involve in in-house scaling up of formulations through these pilot plant operations.


Museum : Very well established pharmaceutical museum provided in the college is an informative and visually exciting one which educates the students in many aspects that are not included in the syllabus.


Class Rooms : All the class rooms are well ventilated, spacious, and furnished. The facilities are provided to use all the audio - visual aids for the teaching like charts, models, boards, slide projector, OHP, LCD projector, DVD player, TV, and sound system to make the learning process truly an exciting experience.


Examination Hall : Exclusively for internal examinations and annual examinations a separate hall is provided. The college has facilities like internet, fax, printer, photocopying, and CCTV to conduct online examinations of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and Board of Examining Authority.


Library : The heart of the college i.e., library is nourished with 4092 titles, 6321 volumes, 265 bound back volumes, 20 journals, many number of CDs, Video Cassettes, Photo Albums, etc. It has become a resource center for the research workers and other needy. The library transactions are made fully computerised and operate through easy lib. Students can carry required books through Book-Bank facility. The college purchases books to the library every year as per the needs of the students and recommendation of the staff members.


Computer Lab with Internet facility : The college is offering computers and internet facility, which has become an ever increasing and important source of information. Access has been provided for students at no cost in the college premises itself. The college subscribes HELINET through which a large number of national and international journals can be browsed at free of cost.


Medicinal Garden : Approximately one acre of land is being used to cultivate various medicinal plants.


Animal House : The department of Pharmacology maintains a separate animal house. This facility has been recognised by CPCSEA (Reg. No. 105/1999/CPCSEA). Special care is taken by trained staff to maintain hygienic conditions and safeguard the welfare of the animals.

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